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About Us


Today, there is an unprecedented need for responsive, skilled prefabricated panel manufacturers. Our team brings a wide range of architectural, construction and building experience to each project and an uncompromising commitment of service.


Stillwater Building Systems is a wall panel manufacturing company that fabricates wooden wall panels for a variety of structures. We panelize walls for single family residential, developments of single family residential, multi-family condo’s or apartment complexes and commercial or public use structures. Our projects can vary from the simple, single story design to the very complex multi-story structure.

We are a small, yet growing company that has a family-type feel. We give personal attention to each and every job to create a consistent quality and precision to meet our clients expectations.

The company was founded in September, 2019 with a vision to produce faster, cheaper prefabricated wall panels without losing the high quality expected from clients. Most of our clients have experienced inconsistent quality and fabrication with other panel manufacturers. Stillwater Building Systems was created to meet the high expectations of this client using premium materials and a detailed process of quality control.

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