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Cost Effective Construction

Stillwater Building Systems builds wall panels for a more effective and efficient construction. Our automated software and saw technology optimize material usage, effectively reducing unwanted waste and expense. We currently average less than 1.5% material waste.

Inside our climate controlled, 33,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility in Reno, NV, we build wall panels for: Multi-Family Housing, Commercial and Industrial Construction as Single Family Housing using a method of prefabrication called "panelization." Panelization reduces the construction cost by optimizing the use of building materials. This method is the most efficient manner of cost reduction without sacrificing the quality or performance life of the structure.

Prior to the fabrication of the wall panels, each project is run through a 3D modeling exercise. The 3D model generates a precision design allows for meticulous fabrication of components with a very low probability for mistakes. The raw materials are place on carts and wheeled to our custom designed fabrication tables for hand assembly of each panel. The process of hand assembly reduces mistakes and allows for a much higher quality panel. Once panels are complete, they are QC’d and bundled for transportation to the construction site. The panels are then loaded flat and loaded in sequence for easy and cost effective assembly.

By utilizing this prefabricated method of construction, the time typically required to assemble a building is dramatically reduced, sometimes lessening overall framing time by 2-4 months. This saves a huge amount of money in labor and general conditions expense.


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