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Forward Thinking Construction

Helping Companies Build for a Better Tomorrow

First set of Stillwater Building Systems Panels for Starbucks shipped this week.

Forward Thinking Construction

The building industry is in a period of positive sea change, as it moves toward more sustainable construction methods. Those for whom sustainability is a critical component of a building's design, a prefab approach is the perfect solution. Components of prefabricated structures are manufactured offsite in a climate-controlled facility then transported to the jobsite and assembled. Advantages include significant reductions in materials waste, unmatched energy efficiencies, increased quality control, predictable project cycles, and fewer jobsite deliveries, reducing the overall environmental footprint and impact.

As we become more aware of and increasingly concerned about the serious ramifications of climate change around the world, sustainability and transparency are becoming necessary elements of a project's overall design. This movement is encouraging because it means there are more eco-friendly solutions on the market and we no longer have to make sacrifices in design and construction in order to achieve increased sustainability. A well-designed and constructed building can create less waste, use less energy, and be healthier for the planet.


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