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Prefabricated Construction: The Benefits of Panelized and Modular Systems

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Panelized construction refers to factory-manufactured components such as walls and floor panels while modular construction involves the prefabrication of volumetric sections where one or more sections are built int he factory and shipped to the site. Each has their advantages and we've outlined some of them below. To learn more, contact us at


Panelization is a hybrid building method which marries the efficiency of prefab with the design flexibility and quality of a stick-built structures. This systems-based approach supports a high level of design and precision while controlling costs and eliminating surprises. This is the type of prefabricated system manufactured by Stillwater Building Systems.

  • Precision: Using advanced MiTek 3-D modeling technology, panels are cut to measurements within 1/16th of an inch.

  • Flexibility: A panelized approach offers more flexibility than a modular system allowing clients to customize to their needs for both the exterior and interior.

  • Shipping: Our panels are shipped flat to your building site resulting in significantly reduced shipping costs and number of shipments to the site.

  • Accessibility: Because are panels are shipped flat, we are able to access sites that may be difficult to reach for example, those on steep or narrow roadways.

  • Sustainability: Our panelized fabrication system reduces waste by up to 50% compared to traditional building methods. Additionally, the nature of precision wall panel construction creates tight seams that contribute to a better insulated buildings. This reduce energy costs and environmental impacts.

  • Time Savings: Panelized walls are erected much quicker than traditional construction methods resulting in time and cost savings.

  • Quality: Wall panels are constructed in our climate-controlled facility and are built to meet (and typically exceed) your local building code requirements. Panels are dimensionally precise and square.


Modular construction consists of building box like structures (modules) within a factory-controlled environment and then shipping the completed modules to a site for assembly. The entire sections are assembled together onsite with the use of cranes. Because of the associated shipping costs and limited customization, Stillwater Building Systems does not offer modular construction solutions.

  • Quality: Entire sections of a structure are completed inside a climate-controlled factory setting.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Less building material is needed onsite for construction

  • Potential Time Savings: Possibility of delays due to weather, general contractors or sub-contractors is greatly reduced since construction time is much shorter, ranging between 2-4 months.

  • Lower Construction Cost: Construction labor can be lower in the factory where the module is assembled versus the construction labor where the property is located

  • Simplified Logistics: The logistics of onsite assembly are greatly simplified since a majority of the construction was done within the factory


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